The Greatest Compliments

“It was excellent! I couldn’t have a finer contractor. They’re a great company and they do a great job!”

Tom and Lynn R.

“We are still settling in. I have not forgotten about your request to drop by. We are missing a few pieces of furniture and a few accessories to complete both rooms. I will let you know when it is completely furnished and we can get together. Thanks for a job well done. We are very happy with the results.” – TERRI C.

“We’d like to express our sincere appreciation for your fabulous remodel of our Naples condo. Simply put, we cannot imagine a better, more beautiful outcome! From the moment we walked in to Lykos Group to explore our remodeling options, you treated us with respect, professionalism, and superb communication. During the planning and design process, every single member of your team (Tom, Dave, Carolle, Brittney, Barb, and our project manager, Jim) provided valuable input for our project and added to our confidence that our vision for our condo would come to fruition. You did NOT disappoint! You are TRULY a top-notch construction and remodeling firm, and we are so very grateful we chose you to turn our out-of-date condo into the Florida home of our dreams!”- ANNE & ART H.

“From start to finish the Lykos Group delivered as promised. After purchasing our new home, and deciding to undertake renovation efforts, we interviewed numerous potential companies and found the Lykos Team as very formidable partners. From the design stage through construction, the Lykos group delivered a first class experience, and a final product we are proud to call home. Thanks to Tom, Dave Sr., Karen & the entire organization for always striving to turn our wants and desires into reality. As for our project manager Dave, he continuously went above & beyond to assist and make sure complete satisfaction was achieved… way to go team Lykos!” – LAWRENCE & BETH E.

“Tom Lykos, President, and Dave Raffa, Vice President of Construction, were intimately involved in the project creation phase, and always available and responsive to resolve issues expeditiously when they arose. Our project manager was available via phone or email on a daily basis, and our on site project supervisor was excellent, with his scheduling and control of vendors and subcontracts, and his attention to details.” – JOHN AND MARLENE Y.

“I liked Tom a lot, he was very accessible. We had some situations trying to fit the kitchen and he worked up several plans until we finally arrived at one. His mother, Barbara, is also great. She always gets right back to you. They even did extra things to be helpful. They did an excellent job.” – JAN H.

“Judith was extremely patient will me. I’m a physician and can’t answer my phone at work. We did a lot of phone tag and emails. She really worked with me. Tom was always responsive. Kurt was very accommodating and went out of his way to make me happy.” – PETER AND NANCY S.

“I am a Lykos Kool-Aid drinker and am very happy they were recommended to me. Tom did a super job on the design. I don’t think the kitchen could have come out any better. Ed was very thorough and did a great job on the project. The commitment to quality and doing the right thing comes through quite clearly. Follow-up on this project was great.” – PAT AND SUE D.

“…Their professionalism and the eye to detail. The “choosing” process is nice because everything was chosen in four days.”–  RICHARD AND PEGGY J.

“All aspects were done well. Quality and performance is the best…” – RANDY AND NORMA G.

“We worked extensively with Tom, Judith, Bill and Kurt – they were exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. The upfront design process was very thorough so there were few surprises. The Lykos Group submitted the plans to my architectural review board – there were absolutely no problems with the approval. The Lykos Group also was proactive with the City creatively ironing out some problems with old permits. They were flexible during the construction and we were able to make some improvements ‘on the fly’. The project Superintendent met with me daily and involved me in the project. There were never any surprises.” – BRAD AND ELLEN W.

“The whole gang is really good. Everyone there is exceptional. I think these third party surveys are also valuable. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a third party, especially when negative points need to be brought to light. I’ve been a real estate broker for thirty years and The Lykos Group is by far the best I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. They are positively exceptional in all they do. They were wonderful. Fine job! Will definitely recommend and use again… quality of workmanship, organization and cleanliness of site.” – TOM AND NAN M.

“Tom Lykos, Dave, and Bill were all outstanding. Barbara in the office is great too. Our sales rep was also outstanding.” – GEORGE AND SUZANNE W.

“Kurt, my supervisor, was absolutely outstanding. Give that guy a raise. I don’t know how he could have possibly been any better. He got everything done.” – ROGER M.

“I was most satisfied with the quality of the work performed (which is the most important part of a construction project). I enjoyed everyone on the project. I had some great laughs and fun, even though there wasn’t enough Zinfandel left in the bottle for me to enjoy. I would give The Lykos Group a chance to bid on any project I have.” –  PAT D.

“…While we were away we received daily emails describing who was present, and what work was done that day. Usually every Friday we received email photos which visually depicted progress made that week. We are now enjoying our new addition and renovated areas, and are proud to share them with family and friends.” – JOHN AND MARLENE Y.

“I always would choose and recommend The Lykos Group. It (the project) could not have been any better. The Lykos Group was great, smart, reliable and high in knowledge. They have a clean, polite and friendly staff. When the project was finished I almost missed them! Everything they promised was on time and very reliable. Communication couldn’t have been any better. They were very inventive – no doubt about it! There was always a way of finding solutions and they worked! Everybody who worked in my condo was in their own way and in their special field of work – exceptional…no doubt about it! Judith is the best! She was just awesome in every way. She was always very helpful and always in a good mood. I feel now that she is my friend!” – HEIDI M.

“For over 10 years we have been working closely with The Lykos Group to successfully complete many commercial and residential projects both on time and under budget. We look forward to a long and healthy relationship with Tom and his talented team at the Lykos Group.” – LOTUS ARCHITECTURE

“I have been fortunate to be a part of the Lykos team for more than 5 years.  As a Design Professional I take great pride in my work whether it be large or small projects and I appreciate the Design-Build relationship.  The Lykos Group has been paramount in the process of finding the best Design and Construction solutions to meet the ideals, interests and needs of our Clients.  I look forward to our next project and continued success!” – LUIS RENDON ARCHITECTURE, LLC

“Anyone in the construction industry can offer renovations, but The Lykos Group and their professional approach take the experience to a new level. Trust the company that does this work every single day!” – PK STUDIOS, INC.

“My experience in working with The Lykos Group is one of being part of a team effort: working with your staff to solve the everyday typical problems that arise during the construction process in creative, efficient, and cost effective ways that fulfill the clients’ expectations in the most timely and cost effective manner. Your knowledgeable and experienced staff are very attentive to your clients’ needs and desires and provide for a smooth construction process to the end of the project.” – RAY MAESTAS ARCHITECT

“Anyone in the construction industry can offer renovations, but The Lykos Group and their professional approach take the experience to a new level. Trust the company that does this work every single day!” – PK STUDIOS

“When our clients have the need to renovate or remodel, we refer them to The Lykos Group. All have praised the performance of the highly-trained team of professionals at Lykos. The Lykos approach is tightly organized, methodical, time-sensitive and highly effective. The experienced construction superintendents ensure the highest quality of materials and workmanship. They are courteous and attentive – willing to take the time to explain a technical detail.Tom Lykos honors the “old fashioned” values of straightforwardness and common courtesy.” – MAY I HELP YOU, INC

“Pure Design’s first experience and continued working relationship with The Lykos Group has exceeded our expectations. Everyone on the team is a pleasure to work with. They are responsive and respectful to our suggestions and input. The Lykos Group continuously puts in a conscious effort to have our designs become a reality. It is apparent that their team consists of an extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced group of people.” – PURE DESIGN