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Work with a Trusted and Qualified Source for Every Step of Your New Project

Building a new home is an exciting and deeply personal endeavor. As a result, finding an experienced and committed partner to guide you through your custom project is so important. From developing a conceptual plan to selecting the finishing touches, we collaborate closely with clients on every aspect of their new home build.

We pride ourselves on bringing to life the highest-quality luxury homes and making the entire process as rewarding as possible. We’re confident you will enjoy working with us as much as we will enjoy working with you.

The Lykos Process

At no cost to you, personally meet with Tom Lykos to discuss:

  • Existing conditions—what you love and dislike about your home
  • Scope of work—what we need to create in your home to enhance
    your lifestyle
  • Your short-term and long-term plans for living in your home
  • Your budget and desired completion date

Lykos performs a home renovation analysis:

  • Documentation of your condo/home’s existing fixtures and finishes
  • Obtain your condo/home’s existing floor plan or construction plans
  • Obtain your home’s existing site plan or survey
  • Obtain your home’s elevation certificate to determine your home’s
    flood zone

Tom Lykos completes Phase 1 of the process:

  • Develop a new conceptual floor plan
  • Write a basic scope of work
  • Develop a preliminary budget based on similar completed projects
  • Develop a preliminary construction schedule based on the scope of work

You meet with the designer, architect and Tom Lykos to collaborate:

Requires a $5,000 retainer to proceed

  • Further develop the conceptual plan for function and appearance
  • Update the scope of work to assure the correct work is documented
  • Refine the budget and discuss the line item costs for quality of finishes
  • Review the construction schedule and establish milestones and deadlines

Tom Lykos prepares a construction proposal to include the following:

  • Proposed scaled drawing with architecture, mechanical, electrical and plumbing features
  • Proposed level of finish
  • Proposed unit cost budget
  • Proposed pre-construction schedule
  • Proposed construction schedule

You then meet with Tom Lykos to review Phase 2 documents. If the developing project meets your approval, we execute the proposal and collect 10%.

Develop construction and permit plans. Finalize all selections and interior design drawings:

  • You work with the architect and Tom Lykos to develop detailed drawings for construction and permitting
  • You work with Tom Lykos and the interior designer to create design drawings
  • You work with the interior designer to select and document finishes and fixtures
  • You work with the Lykos staff to review and approve plans, scope of work and selections
  • Lykos staff hosts a site inspection for subcontractors
  • Lykos staff distributes your approved plans, designs and selections to subcontractors and vendors for fixed-price quotes
  • Lykos staff applies for HOA approval
  • Lykos staff applies for building permits

As selections are made and quotes are received from vendors, we make revisions to the plan, selections and scope of work to customize the project details to your expectations. Once the plans, selections and individual costs are finalized, Lykos prepares a fixed-price contract.

Your personal construction contract with fixed-cost, start date and finish date will include these standard terms:

  • Licensing
  • Insurances
  • Fixed contract costs
  • Payment terms
  • Change order procedure
  • Dispute resolution
  • Lien law compliance
  • Disaster preparation
  • Warranty documentation

Your construction contract will also include job-specific addenda:

  • Plans
  • Scope of work
  • Line item construction costs
  • Allowances
  • Construction schedule
  • Exclusions
  • Selections
  • Orientation with homeowner

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